Day 25

Almost there… only 5 more days to go. I would be lying if I said that the challenge wasn’t getting to be a bit of a burden. Well not the challenge exactly, more the process of blogging about it every day – which would be noticeable in the last week with a few combined days. Keeping positive thoughts in my mind and completing the tasks required is not really an issue (except for maybe the random acts of kindness) so I don’t see that as being a problem going beyond the 30 days.

Speaking of random acts of kindness – on the way out the door to collect our child from day care – the wife and I stopped and filled a bucket with limes from the tree in the front yard. We stuck them in a bag and on the way to day care, we stopped and dropped them off at a friends house. She had made comment a few days ago about a lime chutney she had made and needed more limes. Seeing as quite a few of my limes are falling off the tree and rotting on the ground – why not share with those who can use them.

Three new things I’m grateful for:

My parents for raising me to make the right decisions – well most of the time

Rain – had the first few drops of the winter season today – looking forward to more

Home cooked meals – which we are currently lacking as we have taken over the kitchen with the D.I.Y project.

Something good that happened today was listening to my daughter after a big day at day care. Today was ‘pyjama day’ – an excuse for the teachers to take it easy and watch movies with the kids. Today’s favourite movie was Frozen – and subsequently my daughter was singing several of the songs from the movie. She doesn’t quite know all the words but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

The D.I.Y is becoming less physical as we get closer to the end so I figured I can’t count that as exercise. Took the dogs for a walk around the lake.

Managed to fit in a quick mindfulness meditation session in the evening. Although I still feel close to sleeping sometimes, the focus now is quite remarkable. I lose focus less often and am more focused on the task. I can quite honestly say that this is also transferable into life as my focus seems to be sharper – if that makes sense.


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