Day 22, 23 & 24

The last few days have been a D.I.Y blur… we are doing some minor renovations in the kitchen and also doing some other odd jobs around the house so things have been a little hectic and off from the normal routine. The days have been such a blur that I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out when I wrote my last post so I can make sure I don’t leave gaps!

Things I have been grateful for in the last few days:

My improving levels of motivation to do shit. I would normally have never found the motivation to get stuck into a D.I.Y project – but I am finding that during the ‘down-times’ while waiting for pain to dry in our kitchen makeover – I have been off doing other jobs around the house.

Old friends – and the ability to have been able to stay in contact over the years. Unfortunately I come from the old school of times when people didn’t have mobile phones or email addresses and so some friends have slipped through the cracks of remaining in contact with.

My wife’s drive to pitch in with the kitchen makeover. Even she will admit that sometimes her enthusiasm can be greater than her levels of participation in the task leaving me to complete the job. Full credit to her as she has been painting like a pro!

Meditation – I have done this twice in the last three days. Still feeling beneficial and looking at how I can incorporate this into life, post-challenge.

Exercise – the dogs have suffered a little as I am claiming the handy work around the house as exercise yet I managed to pull my ass out of the house last night and walk them. Surprisingly it didn’t take much effort.

Something good that has happened within the last few days – well we haven’t done too much more than work but we did manage to get out and catch up with some very good, long-time fiends of mine. It is quite sad that I have only manage to catch up with these olds friend of mine, who live literally 5 minutes from me, twice in 3 years. Had a good night and am hoping to spend more time with them.

Random acts of kindness – well I can honestly say I have not actively completed this task in the last few days. In my defence, we have barely left the house – except to go back and forth from the local hardware store. My random act of kindness may well be my contribution to the economy! I have noticed however, that in working through this challenge, I have become more aware of others and also been more positive. I don’t get upset at shitty drivers in traffic; I am feeling more ‘kind’ when out in public and happy to let people go in front of me, or to assist someone else… or simply to spark up small talk with a stranger at a checkout. Positivity levels – increasing.


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