Day 21

Getting back on the horse today. I think I redeemed myself for the partial day off yesterday. Still another 9 days to go… which just happens to coincide with the amount of days I have off work. And now it seems my wife has plans for me to fill that time up with D.I.Y jobs. I think I may need to meditation on a daily basis.

My random act of kindness for the day was to write a letter to my best friend. My wife. Nothing too long. Just some thoughts I had at the time that I thought would be best put down on paper. I never tell her how much I love her – a small token to redeem some of this lack of action.

Something good that happened today was seeing my daughter’s face when she found the little present left by the Easter bunny in her room. She couldn’t believe her eyes. One of those moments you wish you were a kid again so you could enjoy more of those simple things.

Exercise – while the dogs got their usual walk, I got a double walk. I took them one at a time so that means while they got one, I got two walks. Was a lot calmer taking one at a time as the two of them together can sometimes be a handful… not to mention an embarrassment with other dog owners.

Meditation – had a quick mindfulness session – I’m starting to think when this is over, these will definitely become a regular thing.

Three new things I’m grateful for today:

My wife’s imagination – for without it… I wouldn’t be able to bring it to life for her in the form of D.I.Y projects

Having the grandmother living upstairs for instant babysitting as required

Helpful shop assistants – for saving us from the perils of the stupid assistants



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