Day 20

Mixed success with the challenge today… some would say I failed… but I would say that I was too busy doing enjoyable things that I simply forgot. I will be honest and reveal that I didn’t meditate and I didn’t perform a random act of kindness. We spent most of the day around the house doing some chores and handy-work. By the time the day was over, we had some friends come over and demolished the better part of two dozen beers… and a night-cap of some port. Meditation was not going to happen without drifting off into sleepy-land. I am thinking that the next week or so is not going to be as routine as the start of this challenge has been. I am on holidays for a week and a half so I might find myself engaged in other activities and not entirely focussed on this. Either way, I am already finding my thought process leaning into the positive. I no longer find myself wanting to punch people in the back of the head in line at the check-out. I also don’t find myself wanting to ram other cars on the road so I would think that this challenge is having some effect already.


The hour I spent climbing up and down the ladder installing a downpipe in my gutters is enough I think. Sorry dogs.

Three new things I’m grateful for

My wife’s cooking adventures – damn she makes a mess but the cupcakes were worth it.

The local hardware stores – stocked up for the long weekend of doing chores… and so did everyone else!

The Easter bunny – and the fact that my daughter was so excited to put some food outside in the hope he would come and drop eggs off at our house.

Something good that happened today was pretty simple… we had some friends come over for dinner and a few drinks. Had a good laugh and an all round good time. There is some truth in the saying that simple things are often the best.


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