Day 19

Disappointing day for the challenge today. To be honest, with being away for a couple of days and then starting my run of 10 days off work with a self imposed ‘lock down’ and staying at home all day, I forgot about most of the challenge today. By the time I remembered to meditate, and by that I mean by the time my wife reminded me, I ended up falling asleep. Fail.

Three new things I’m grateful for today

Hot cross buns – absolutely nothing to do with the religious holiday that is Easter – but delicious all the same

Public holidays to spend time with the family and not working

Ron Burgundy – and for my wife leaving the house to let me watch Anchorman 2


With being home for the long weekend, I took the dogs for a walk during the day. Exercise completed – dogs entertained.

Something good that happened today was just spending time at home with the family. I think we have been pretty good in the last couple of weeks with getting out more and doing stuff… but there is something to be said for a day spent at home too. Did some painting with my little one and even cooked up a batch of popcorn and spent time watching her favourite shows. There will be enough time spent doing things over the Easter break for us to have a little down time together.

My random act of kindness for today was doing something for my daughter – well really for my daughter in the future. She has recently discovered the ability to take photos on my Blackberry so I bundled up all the pictures she has taken and sent them to an email address we created when she was born.



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