Day 17 & 18

So I’m going to cheat here a little bit but I think I’m entitled to it… I’m going to combine 2 days into one. Why? Well I have just spent two days working out in the desert with a couple of VERY early mornings and long days. Plus, given the time constraints with travel and work, I am going to have to combine the two days into one to fulfil all of the tasks.

Three new things I’m grateful for

Safe air travel – I know my wife hates it when I fly but I think we have one of the best airline standards in the world.

The opportunity to get out of the office and get to site – breaks up the monotony and allows me to get my hands dirty so to speak – also something my wife ┬áhates.

Good friends – got straight off the plane, into a taxi and over to a friends house for a couple of glasses of rum and some delicious food.

In reflecting on something good that happened in the last two days, my thoughts are drawn to the fact I spent the last two days with my old Science teacher from school – over 20 years ago. Was really good to work with him now we are colleagues. Was also good to have a few quiet alcoholic beverages last night and tell some old stories. Looking forward to keeping in touch and continuing the work together.

Exercise – now this is a tough one. I did get out into the mine yesterday with my old teacher and while he gave me a geology lesson, we walked a fair way over large mounds of dirt – so I guess I could call that exercise.

Meditation – once again, time was against me in the last couple of days but I did manage to meditate on the flight home tonight. And surprisingly managed to NOT fall asleep which was a miracle given the lack of sleep in the last 48 hours.

Random act/s of kindness. I did actively think about this one while working today (knowing I was going to combine two days into one) and although it is sort of my job, what I did today I am going to count as a random act of kindness. In having to teach my old teacher (and one of his co workers), it was clear that neither of them are very technologically savy so I put together a couple of documents and worked with one of the office girls and got a couple of print-outs laminated so they can have a good quick reference ‘cheat-sheet’ to help them get the hang of the tech I was there to train them in.


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