Day 16

These random acts of kindness are still screwing with me. I just don’t have the time at work to put much thought into this during the day. I have mentioned before that feeding the less fortunate or providing them with a caffeine fix is a bit too expensive. I don’t have many friends that I can surprise with a random act of kindness. Either way, I do find myself thinking about it regularly and this is getting me to think about others more, and for me this is a positive. If I think back through my day today – I let someone go before me on the train this morning – I held the lift for people on two separate occasions – I dropped the coins from my pocket in a charity collectors tin during my lunchtime walk… does all that count?


Another quick walk around the block after lunch followed by a late night walk with the hounds. Becoming less of a hassle every day to have to find motivation to do this part of the challenge.


Did a session with my wife tonight… and had to defend myself from the accusations that I fell asleep! I admit I was close – but not all the way there.

Three new things I’m grateful for today

My MBA – for teaching me how to write an extremely articulate pile of bullshit that people believe

Nice offices to work in – makes a difference when you have a nice place to go every day

The local curry restaurant… delicious, easy dinner tonight

Something good that happened today

I have only been in this job for about 6 months now. I have had my own thoughts about how I am doing… some good, some bad. But in the last couple of days, I have had some really good feedback from the boss. Nothing new here. I have had praise from a manager before. But I usually take the modest side of the compliment and just say thanks and move on. My issues in never really letting myself deal with emotions isn’t just restricted to the negative. I also never let myself savour the positive. So I did today. I got the compliment from the boss and let myself enjoy that compliment a bit before getting over myself, deflating my ego slightly and then sticking my face back in front of the screen.



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