Day 15 – The Half Way Mark

15 down – 15 to go…

Another more successful meditation session today. I have found myself able to stay tuned-in to some of the most boring shit a human has ever been subject to. The power of being able to focus is coming more naturally since meditating every day. Listening to some of the people I work with talk at times can be rather painful to say the least… but for some reason I am managing to stay engaged and not feel the thousand yard stare come across my face… all the while wondering to myself “can they actually tell how bored I am?”


The dogs were happy as they got a walk tonight. I also took a stroll during lunch. I had the beginnings of a headache prior to going for a walk… 20 minutes walking in the fresh air and the head was cleared. I don’t think this is the beginning of the downfall of the pharmaceuticals industry but hey… I’ll take it as a personal win.

Three new things I’m grateful for┬átoday

Scones, Jam and Cream – the free afternoon tea supplied by work.

Leftover spaghetti bolognese… always better the next day.

This tiny little laptop that doesn’t weigh anything – which makes going to and fro between meetings a lot more bearable

Random act of kindness

Today was very simple yet it makes someone else’s day a bit better – that was giving up my seat on the train for someone else to sit down. Still feel like I’m cheating on this one a bit as this is something I would probably do most of the time anyway. Regardless, on a day when I lacked much of an opportunity to be randomly kind… I’ll take it.

Reflecting on something good each day

Today was something instigated by my extremely participative wife who decided we (myself, her and my daughter) were going to the playground on the way home from picking me up from work. I was a bit hesitant at first as at the end of a day slaving over a hot keyboard, I would have loved to just slide on to the couch. Instead, my wife and I sat on a park bench for 15 minutes and watched our little girl have fun. A much better way to end the day.


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