Day 14

Reflecting on something good that happened today was watching my dad play with my daughter. Priceless. She loves her grandparents and I know they love her. I know that my dad has a special place in his heart for my little girl. Watching him with her makes up for him not being the most present dad when I was young. And no, I don’t have ‘daddy issues’. The past is the past. I think he probably has some regrets… and if he can make up for that by being an awesome grandpa – then go for it! 🙂

Three things I’m grateful for today

My wife – for pushing me to do something other than sit around on the couch.

Being able to spend time with family – and the realisation that I should be taking advantage of that fact more often.

Living in an area that is close to so many things – that once again, we don’t take advantage of enough.

The random act of kindness today was doing something for my old – technologically useless parents. They do try but they end up trying my patience when something goes wrong. I had something installed on their computers a while ago to support them without leaving the house, but that has become a paid for system – and I’m a bit of a tight-ass so that wasn’t going to happen. So I woke up this morning and thought, well let me do something about that for them. All done – remote access to their machines sorted.


I’m starting to understand a bit better on the purpose of some of the mindfulness meditation sessions. As I ran through a session tonight on listening to the sounds around me (and it seems the dogs have stopped licking their asses), it dawned on me that the whole process of focusing on something, whether it is breathing or sounds, the brain always wanders off thinking about something else. The aim is to recognise this and the bring the thought process back to focus. Simple. Now if only I could put that into practice.


The dogs have had a couple of days off but they go their walk again today – and I think they were pretty happy about that!


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