Day 12

Thank God its Friday. What a week. It was a roller-coaster of emotions but I think I came through the other side better for it. It was a good week to put me to the test and I think I passed. Definitely looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

Three new things I’m grateful for today

Getting more than what you asked for… had fish and chips for dinner and got double what we ordered. Didn’t eat it all but was a nice touch. Reminded me of when I was younger than that was standard. The wife did her good deed for the day and has taken the left overs around to her friends house.

Renewing old contacts – just started working with someone I met a couple of years ago… certainly makes it easier to get things done.

Japanese Chicken Curry – I know I shouldn’t be buying my lunch in an effort to save money but I sacrificed a coffee today to have a nice lunch. Worth it.


Mindfulness of the breath… simple session. Once again, finding that I am able to focus for longer.

The dogs are not happy… I got motivated enough during the day today to get my exercise out of the way so I didn’t have to go at night. Went for a big walk after lunch. Sorry doggies.

Helped our office administrator with cleaning the mess a group of visitors had left in our kitchen area. It’s not her job to clean up people’s mess so why leave it all to her. Took 5 minutes and was all done. Random act of kindness – check.

Reflecting on something good that happened today… was chatting to the boss this morning and he said that although he had been feeling pissed off about our ‘issues’ this week at work, my comments yesterday about taking a victory as a victory and moving on sunk in last night and he was now a lot happier about the situation and prepared to just knuckle down now and get to work. Perhaps I am not only becoming happier… but it seems as though my attitude may be rubbing off on others…


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