Day 11

Three new things that I’m grateful for today

Opportunity… and not the opportunity I was given as a child with my education… that would be cheating, as I already gave thanks for that one. I mean the ability that I have to provide the same opportunities to my daughter so she has every chance to grow up to be able to do what ever it is she wants to do.

Flexibility – to leave my job mid way through the day for personal reasons – with no questions asked from my boss.

The proximity of my office to the train station… for when I’m feeling lazy in the morning.


As I only did half a day in the office today, I went for a walk round the lake with the dogs mid-afternoon. Was nice to be out in the sun. Definitely feeling better for the daily walk – as are the dogs.


I think I am getting better every day. Maintaining focus is becoming easier. Not sure of the overall benefits away from meditation time… but time will tell… there is still 2/3rds of the challenge to go.

In reflecting on something good that happened today… after the day at work yesterday and the confusing emotions of having a victory, but not having a victory… I went in to the office looking at the better side of the win. Good news is good news regardless of any caveat that may come with it. I even convinced the boss that what we achieved yesterday was a good thing. We didn’t get the exact result… So what??…we still got a result! Is this the beginnings of me looking at the positive side of life instead of the negative?

The random act of kindness for the day was a pretty simple one… a colleague has been working on a task for the last week and not having much luck with it. I haven’t had the time this week to help, but as I found myself with 10 minutes spare this morning, I was able to help him out and fix part of his problem so he could complete the task. I may have saved him bashing his head against the wall for the next few days.


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