Day 10… double digits!

In reflecting on something good that happened today, I think of my wife’s comment that most of these reflections come from work… how can I help it!! I spend all day at work! But regardless… today was a big day. Like BIG. A very important meeting from which the last 2 months of work has been aiming for. And the good news is that it was successful. We didn’t get the exact result we wanted but we got a result which is all we were after in the end. This is not the good news though. The good news is in how I handled the meeting. Two months ago, I had met with these people before and in short, got rejected. When this happened, my brain started shutting down as a flood of emotions almost drowned me. I was angry, frustrated, pissed off, bewildered, lost… god forbid I even think I was scared. But today when they again hit on the same subject and gave me the  same answers, I felt all these same emotions coming back again… but I handled it. I recognised each one as it appeared, acknowledged it and put it aside so I could get back to business. And this, I believe, is what helped us to progress and push on with the rest of our case, which was finally accepted. I didn’t let me emotions control me, rather, I controlled them. I admit that once that session was over, I felt absolutely wrecked. I feel like I have just gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. This could also just be a side effect of the relief at success after putting in so much work over the last couple of months. The random act of kindness for the day was also as a result of this meeting. As I did last week, once the meeting was over, I made the effort to call the individuals who had helped me over the last two gruelling months of number crunching and thank them for their support.

Three new things I’m grateful for today:

Steak on the BBQ… recreating the primeval urge to burn meat over a flame… priceless

My daughter’s attempt at trying to swim in the 10 centimetres of water in the bath. She tries.

A good night’s sleep – last night was just what I needed.

Meditation – completed. Just. The dogs decided, as usual, while I was occupied that they would try and eat the cat… slightly distracting but got down to business and felt better afterwards.

Exercise completed. Dogs walked – me walked. Didnt get out at lunch today… in fact I barely managed to shove a sandwich in my mouth in between meetings and work today. I missed the small getaway from the grind. Will have to make sure I make time for this.



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