Day 8

Monday-itis. The word and feeling of the day. I felt mostly flat all day today but surprisingly at work I managed to get a fair bit done. Got home and am feeling exhausted. I’m tired, I have a headache and I can feel myself being a bit of a dick. Being a bit short with my daughter for not doing things as fast as I wanted her to… I guess the positive thing is that I can recognise it a bit better and then stop myself from doing it. Still hard to be overly happy when you are tired. Will be an early night tonight I think.

Three new things I’m grateful for today

Opportunity to travel… got the tap on the shoulder from the boss today that I’m going to be off to India in a couple of months. Let’s hope I don’t end up spending the trip on the toilet and bringing back several thousand hitch-hikers within my bowels.

Free Fruit – we get supplied with practically as much fruit as we want in our office. Never knock back a free meal.

Google – when you simply have no idea what the answer is… someone has thought of it, and had it answered on the Internet.

In reflecting on something good that happened today I thought about watching our daughter on the weekend and how she is not very good at ‘making new friends’. And you know what? Neither am I really. I was thinking about this on the way in to work this morning and how much that behaviour is like me. I consider myself a rather outgoing person… unless I don’t know you. If I have to get to know you, for example, we are going to be working side by side every day, then sure. But otherwise, I can take a while to warm to people… if I have to. There are other people in my office (and I’m sure we all have them) who we just go through the obligatory motions of saying hi when we pass in the corridor. But today, I stopped and actually sparked up a conversation with a guy and it turns out, we know a few of the same people and have worked in the same circles over the years. Now I’m not saying me and this dude are going to start hanging out and heading out on man-dates, but it made me realise how stupid it really was to have the thought process that I didn’t really need to get to know this guy because we don’t really have much to do with each other. I am going to make the effort to do the same with other people I don’t know in the office from now on I think.


Quite calming – still concerned that if I go over 10-15 minutes I’m going to pass out.


Relaxing walk with the dogs, also managed to get away from my desk for a quick walk around the block during lunch. Definitely going to make that a regular change going forward.

Random act of kindness

I’m starting to struggle with these. What is a random act of kindness? Google it and there are results as simple as letting someone merge in traffic through to starting a fund-raiser for homeless people. I keep reading through Randy Scott Hyde’s challenge and the act of buying lunch or a coffee for homeless people isn’t really an option for me. We are blessed that homeless people are small in number in my city… but also our cost of living is pretty high so to be honest I can’t afford to be feeding the homeless full of food and caffeine to make myself feel better. I held the lift for someone today… does that count? I gave up my seat on the train this morning… does that count? Its going to have to do today… I’m out of ideas.


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