Day 7

Well that is the first week done… [wipe the sweat from the brow]. What a long week. The thoughts for the week; I said I wouldn’t judge this challenge until the end but I have found myself questioning it a bit today. If I have learnt anything it is that I understand what this challenge is trying to do. I’m not an idiot… I could see this one coming but I have found that I have spent a lot of time in reflection this week on my current thoughts and feelings. And more importantly, thinking about someone other than myself. As I have mentioned before, a major side effect of my depression has been that I have become a selfish ass hole. If anything, I think I this could be what I need to snap me out of that state of mind.

Three things I’m grateful for today:

My education – the current discussions in our house are around planning our daughter’s education. Makes me grateful for the opportunities I was given by my parents.

Pancakes – a fresh batch made from the grandmother-in-law.

Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’ – and the awesome dance moves my daughter has managed to choreograph to this song.


Went for a stroll early this morning and although the dogs tried to start a fight with every dog they came across, the exercise did get me moving a bit on what was all round another flat day as a result of tiredness. Week one update – no toys have been destroyed this week so at least the dogs are getting something out of this.


Randomly selected a track from the list given to me by my wife.. as it turns out it was a good choice. It was a mindfulness session all about recognising and dealing with negative emotions – I focussed on stress. Even though I believe I am on the final leg of my journey with depression, stress is beginning to play a big part in my life. The angry little bastard that peeps out his head when things get tough needs to be shown the door.

One good thing that happened today was to see my sister. It has been a while since we have seen each other and she came over today for what I thought was going to be a quiet coffee and ended up sharing a beer. She was also presented with my daughters entire dancing repertoire as well as a show and tell of each toy she owns.

Random act of kindness for the day was to do a stranger a favour while also not being a stubborn prick. I was selling an old TV on a local website – I had an asking price in mind and have had a few nibbles over the last week. Those nibbles were more annoying than anything else and the people sounded a bit too weird to let them come anywhere near my house. Had a guy call this morning and offer me some money – below my asking price. I thought about it for a few minutes an made the conscious decision to not be a dick and do two things. 1. Get rid of the TV as my wife has been asking me to do. 2. Do this guy a favour and give him a bargain 🙂




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