Day 6

Tired… the one word to describe today. Tired. This was pretty much the theme for the whole day. My daughter decided that she wanted to get up at 5:42am this morning. Took a bit of self control to not be the usual dick I am when this happens. I think I managed to pull it off… just. There may have been a slight appearance of the douchebag I sometimes become but if so, it was only small. We actually ventured out into the full public arena today too with a trip to the local school fair. Hundreds of loud annoying kids when I was so close to the edge of douchebag-ness was a tough challenge. I rose to that challenge and, along with the support of the wonderful man making the hot dogs, I think I conquered it.

Came home and took the dogs for a nice stroll around the local lake. Exercise – check. Also stole 10 minutes from the day and had a quick meditation session, although with being so tired, I think if I had done any longer and I would have slipped off to sleepy-land. I pulled myself out of it just in time and actually felt a little better… the coffee that came just before also kicked in so gave me some relief from tiredness for a little while.

Three things I’m grateful for today…

Hot dogs – a simple sausage in a bit of bread and covered with sauce. Delicious.

Democracy – even though it is a bit of a joke here… I would rather be able to vote for one idiot over another than not at all.

Red Bull – need I say more?

Something good that happened today was watching my daughter jumping around on a bouncy castle with our friends kids and just having fun. Sort of makes me think how petty my problems really are. As adults, why can’t we just have fun like that and not give a shit about anything else? Ah… to be a kid again. Sounding old again…

My random act of kindness today was a very simple one. I let a mother of what seemed like 20 kids go in front of me in line to get a┬áhot dog. As much as I love a good hot dog, being the owner of only one kid and knowing how much of a handful she can be sometimes… I figured this woman could do with a break! I happily waited the additional two minutes for my hot dog fix.


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