Day 5…

Pretty flat today for the most part. Felt pretty cloudy… like the weather today. Work was pretty busy with a pretty important meeting/demo with my boss. As it turns out this was something good that happened today as once the presentation was over I had some really good feedback and thanks from the participants. Always good to feel thanked for the effort put in. Still… just one of those days where I can’t be bothered doing much more than what I need to… especially this damn challenge. Would love nothing more than to spend the night parked on the couch… but there is walking and meditation to be done.

Performed a random act of kindness on my boss today (that sounds a bit wrong I know). It wasn’t an attempt to get into his good books as I think I am there already. He has been away all week travelling for work. He has also been pretty sick. Anyway, I know he loves a coffee from the same place I frequent so while I was there, I grabbed him one too. He was very appreciative.


I so couldn’t be bothered today… but in the spirit of trying, the dogs are walked and so am I.


See above. Still did it as I promised myself. Just a quick 10 minute session. The wife actually instigated it and we did it together.

Three new things I’m grateful for

Free lunches – left my lunch in my backpack all morning so wasn’t keen to ingest the possible multitude of bacteria that had grown in it from the time I took it out of the fridge this morning. While waiting to go into this important meeting around lunchtime, we were presented with what was effectively the leftovers – but still some classy sandwiches. They always give the managers better stuff than what we get…

Fridays – Been a long week… happy to be at the end of the working week. A couple of days downtime will be welcomed with pleasure.

Beer or wine… at the time of writing this I haven’t decided which one I’m going to have when my daughter goes to bed later. At least a couple of each. Update – turns out a single glass of port was all I needed to relax đŸ™‚ Jeez… I do sound like an old man.


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