Day 4

Well how can today not have been a good day?… I made the decision to work from home. No meetings meant the need for me to sit in the office was low – so I took the opportunity. Human to human interaction was minimal though so my mood was not overly impacted by that of other people… Yes… I’m talking about you Angry Mike. His emails have been pushed aside for now.


With working from home, I had a break and took the pooches for a walk during the day. Once again, they are seeming to be a lot calmer than they have been… this is either a reflection of my more positive mindset or possibly that I have not been the most regular when it comes to walking them… they are probably freaked out a bit at four days in a row of being walked!

Random Act of Kindness

Although this was a suggestion by my wife, the act of following through on a suggestion from her is something that feels strangely satisfying yet something I have never seemed to be able to do. It was pretty simple – she wanted a magazine subscription for a magazine she has been reading lately. So I purchased it for her. Simple – yet the act of thinking about someone else and not myself for a change meant I actually remembered she mentioned this. Trust me… this is a big deal for me. One of the big effects depression has had on my life is that I have become a selfish ass-hole. Actually doing something for someone else, whether they asked for it or not, is still doing something for someone other than myself.

Three new things I’m grateful for

Nasi Lemak – coconut rice with curried chicken and fish… and for $4!! Does it get any better than that? The joys of working from home meant I could head down to the local cheap Asian restaurant – usually frequented by the poor students who inhabit our neighbourhood.

My dogs – for helping motivate me to get out for a walk… and behaving for once.

The ability to work from home… makes for a nice relaxing day not having to ride the train squeezed in with the other poor desk jockeys.


Nice and quite today. Ran through another Mindfulness meditation track my wife gave me. I think the focussed nature of these meditation tracks is the way to go. Also minimises the chance of dozing off… Felt quite refreshed afterwards.

Something good that happened today

Got a message from a guy I used to work with years ago. I recently gave him a reference for a job he had applied for. Today was his fourth day in the job! I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have had some issues with this guy in the past, but I was happy to help him out with the reference and I am happy I was able to help him progress in his career.


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