Day 3

Today was a good day. It was a stressful day and a day in which I went from wanting to punch one of my colleagues in the face to wanting to hug another.  I should have seen the whole wanting to punch people in the face thing coming. I was dealing with a guy I have lovingly named Angry Mike and for some reason his attitude always rubs off on others. Anyway, my urge to punch subsided… the bubbling anger settled. My skin didn’t turn green and thank god I did not rip my pants or shirt off… no one wants to see that.

My one good thing that happened and my random act of kindness were partially combined today from a single event. As I have mentioned before, work is pretty busy right now with lots of tasks going on building up to one large event. Today was another task in that chain of tasks although it was a pretty important one… a meeting with the person who controls the funds within our company, and who will be making the decision if our project gets financial approval or not… no pressure. I had spent the last week thinking about this day and I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been stressing me out. The meeting went off without a hitch! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better outcome… except perhaps if she had brought a suitcase full of cash and left it on my table when she departed. Either way, I will take that as a win. My random act of kindness came as a result of this meeting. I had a colleague sit in with me and he was more than helpful in directing the outcome of the meeting. Once the meeting was over, I made a point of calling him and letting him know how much I appreciated his input and without him it may not have gone the same way. Even in praising him, I felt a lot more positive. Strange.


After the effort to procure some meditation audio to cover up the dogs ‘cleaning’ and my resident cricket… silence. The dogs are passed out… and the cricket is strangely absent. I’m sure he has hitched a ride into the bedroom and will be waiting for me under the bed. I ran through a Mindfulness session on breathing. It seemed a bit more structured and kept me engaged a bit more. The desire to sleep was not present.


Dogs walked – I’m starting to think that perhaps my calm state is wearing off on the dogs. Their behaviour was a lot more subdued than usual. Also managed to get out of the office today for a walk. I definitely think having this break from work during the day is giving me the motivation to get through the afternoon that only a dozen shots of espresso could replicate.

Three new things I’m grateful for

My boss – for giving praise for a job well done.

Salt and vinegar chips… if only my wife would stop eating them!

My new computer mouse…. sorry old mouse but your days were numbered as soon as you started screwing with my clicking action





  1. I’m trying… the problem that got me here today is that I haven’t put enough effort into managing it. Lets hope the 30 days brings about the change I need.

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