Day 2

Day two… the text message I received this morning from my wife asking how Mr Cranky was today should sum up the start to the day that I had. Last night our daughter decided that 1:20am was the perfect time to test the batteries in her glowing seahorse… and then to spend the next 20-30 minutes testing my (and the wife’s) patience. Daughter 1 – My patience 0. This early morning equipment test meant I almost slept through my alarm so the planned morning meditation was postponed to the evening.


Check. Dogs walked. Also made the effort to get away from my desk at lunch. Went for a quick 20 minute walk… the walk also incorporated some light ‘volunteer’ dodging from a range of groups from saving whales to preaching the good word so I think that counts as exercise. Thinking perhaps I can stop to talk to them one day and count that as a random act of kindness?


Well one day was as far as I got into meditating first thing in the morning thanks to my sleep resistant child. Managed to get 15 minutes in after exercise. I think I am going to need some audio to cover up the distracting sounds in this room. The dogs continued their ritualistic anal cleansing process and I swear that damn cricket hasn’t stopped chirping since yesterday morning. Isn’t it funny how much you hear when you don’t want to hear it? I am thinking that by the end of this 30 days my house may be cricket free.

Three new things that I’m grateful for

Good coffee from the shop next to my office… I needed it today. Well worth the wait.

Autumn… Very glad the cooler weather is on it’s way.

TUMS – for that instant relief from heartburn.

One good thing that happened

I had a meeting today with a group of my peers to present some work I have putting a lot of effort into recently. The result = excellent. Everyone was suitably impressed. My very expensive MBA is coming in handy to create mind-blowing graphs and PowerPoint presentations!

My Random Act of Kindness

Now my wife tried to convince me this was a little bit of a stretch however I will argue that I indeed made someone’s day a LOT better than it could have been. After ‘using the facilities’ in the office (of which there is only a single cubicle for 20+ men), I noticed that there was only a few pieces of toilet paper left. Now normally I would simply take care of business and be on my merry way leaving that problem for the next guy, but in the spirit of thinking about someone else, I hunted down some replacement paper and re-stocked the dispenser to ensure that the next customer indeed would be able to finish their day with their dignity in tact. Random act of kindness? Yes… for the next guy it certainly was.



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