Day 1

Well…. that was an interesting day. It felt good. I felt good (and currently do), but I am acutely aware that this feeling may wear off like the best new years resolution to join the gym which lasts for a week then the gym towel just sits on the floor while they continue to secrete funds from your bank account… can you tell I have been caught before?



Well that was pretty easy and should continue to be so… I have two hell-hounds that need to be walked every day otherwise all my daughters stuffed toys become extremely chew-able and end up being buried in the back yard.



Not so easy… or was it? I don’t really remember to be honest. My idea (and also at the suggestion of my wife) was to do this as soon as I got up each day… the problem with that is, with a 3 year old my mornings are pretty well timed, and getting straight out of bed to then sit still in the dark with my eyes closed is pretty risky for falling asleep as well as being interrupted by my little princess. I was paranoid that I would fall asleep… but as it turns out I was a little too distracted by the sounds of the following:

  • The early morning commuters driving their cars past my house
  • The fucking little cricket that has decided to take up residence in the corner of my ceiling somewhere (who is chirping right now!!!)
  • The sound of one of my hell-hounds ‘cleaning’… and I use the word loosely… his ass. For the entire 15 minutes of my session…. it must be clean!

Anyway… the time actually seemed to go by pretty fast and I was less tired than I thought I would be. Will see how beneficial it becomes.


3 Things I am Grateful for

I’m grateful that I have a pretty damn good job. I am one of the few who get to do what I enjoy when I go to work each day… it was even better today as my boss decided he would stay home 🙂

The beautiful city I live in… as I walked the streets during my lunch break, I sometimes forget how nice this town actually is. It may not be an historic European city but it has its own charm.

My wife’s grandma who can hear right now shuffling around the kitchen washing the dishes… and thus saving me from having to do it.


One Good Thing that Happened

It may not seem like much but as I walked from the train to the car park to wait for my wife to pick me up, I saw her drive around the corner to the parking area… in the back seat I could see my daughter sitting in her chair. She spotted me and a huge smile came across her face and she waved like a madman out the window. Really made the end of my work day.


Random Act of Kindness

This one had me thinking the most during the day… should I be like Randy and simply buy homeless people lunch?… or a coffee? Apart from being expensive, it felt like a cheats way out (no offence Randy). At one stage I thought I saw some tourists in need of some directions but as I approached, full of bravado, ready to leap to their aid like superman… turns out it was just some old people planning to meet somewhere and obviously weren’t as savvy as the youth of today and using the GPS on their smartphones.

I struggled with this one all day. Then I had a thought… why am I doing this task each day as part of this experiment? It seemed pretty obvious it is to probably think about someone else for a change… which for me is something I am guilty of NOT doing. I am a pretty selfish dick at times. Just ask my wife. I thought about a friend I had seen that morning during a meeting and didn’t have the time to catch up with. I know he had been struggling with sleep apnoea (like me) and had all but given up on trying to fix it. I grabbed the phone and we spent the next 30 minutes chatting and exchanging emails as I showed him all the gear he needed (a CPAP machine)… but more the best way to get all the gear and claim it back from insurance etc. Once we were done… I felt pretty good. I actually feel like I may have done a good deed for the day. Thinking about someone else and their needs seemed alien to me. Shit… I think my wife is right. I am a selfish dick.


Bring on day 2



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