Day 26

Had a good moment today simply watching my little girl. She is quite taken by the Frozen movie after watching it at day care so for a quiet afternoon, we put it on at home. Watching her get so into the movie and to also sing along was great. Also one of the moments that I imagine parents have throughout their lives when they can see their kids growing up. Happy yet scary at the same time.

Meditation was pretty simple – the mindfulness sessions are very easy to get through without too much mind wandering.

I’m going to count the 30+ minutes of hand sanding and other D.I.Y associated tasks as exercise today – also because I ran out of time to walk the dogs. The stiffness I am currently feeling in my arms confirms that the sanding was indeed exercise.

My random act of kindness took place at the the location where I have spent most of my time this Easter break… the hardware store. Nothing too heroic but was watching an older gentleman pushing his overloaded trolley through the tightly packed car park… and anyone could have seen it was an accident waiting to happen. He almost pushed the trolley into someone’s car and all it took was a light touch for me to help steer it away and towards his waiting car. Probably made two people happy… this guy and the owner of the BMW he almost smashed into. Could have been a very expensive trip to the hardware store.

Three new things I’m grateful for today:

The things kids say – as we passed the usual hot dog stand at the hardware store – my daughter asked what was that wonderful delicious smell. Gold. Also true – hot dogs do smell amazing.

The pig that gave its life for my dinner – Ribs – delicious

In remembrance of all the soldiers who have given their lives in service to this country (it’s ANZAC day)